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Posted by russiantahara on February 10, 2009

Dance gurus Darian Parker, Gobind Singh, and drum gods Sunny Jain and Eddie Jones anchored the drenching dance class.

I also taught a section, Guinea’s Sinte, and realized I truly workship Parker and Singh’s astronomical dance intelligence and the mixed sound of Djembe and Dhol drums.

The ladies of Orisha Dance Company, a Pan-African dance troupe I co-founded at Columbia University, organized the event with me and they full-proofed the program — securing space, attendants, and the love and energy that kept us moving for 2 and a half hours!

At first, I wanted the workshop to be a dance and talk forum, primarily to discuss the importance of multi-cultural relationships and the intersections of African and Asian histories and identities.

But our bodies, in full conversation with the music and each other, spoke more to the need for people with the right goals to just DO! and Talk Later!

Together, more than 40 of us, started much more than a hot dance class that night.

Unlikely friendships were discovered. Hidden possibilities were ignited.

A world uniquely human and empowering was born.

Now I’m in India, and my Orisha crew is marching ahead, running the best dance team on a college campus!

I’m 24. I’ve got my master’s, I’ve got my future. I’ve got my flickering desire to dance in a new world order.

The distance between New York, Africa, and India is great. So is the journey from war to love, from cynicism to hope.

But in one night, we traversed continents. Hope and love are waiting at the next stop!




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